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Aron Rose

April 5th 2013 KEYNOTE SPEAKER

The Bioethics Society will end Ohio State's first spring semester with our fourth annual Bioethics Keynote. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Aron Rose, an associate clinical professor in the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing and also former director of opthalmic residency training at Yale University. He has had many publications in the United States and overseas in glaucoma and small incision cataract surgery. Dr. Rose has performed volunteer work abroad and will speak about the role of ethics in his travels The Keynote will take place on Friday April 5th.


Panel Discussion

October 23rd 2012

Partnering with first year experience and the buckeyebookclub, The Bioethics Society is proud to present a panel featuring the ethical issues explored in The Imortal Case of Henrietta Lacks. Our panel event is scheduled to be on october 23rd.


Daniel Callahan


This Spring, The Bioethics Society will be hosting our third annual Bioethics Keynote. The keynote speaker will be Daniel Callahan, Senior Research Scholar and President Emeritus at the Hastings Center and Senior Scholar at Yale University. Callahan co-founded the Hastings Center, the first academic institution concerning bioethics, in 1970. He has edited or authored 41 books, and written articles in prominent journals and newsmagazines, including the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Harpers, the Atlantic, and New Republic.

Dr. Callahan has written broadly on topics ranging from the beginning to the end of life. For the Bioethics Keynote, Dr. Callahan will be speaking on, "Ethics and the Future of American Healthcare." The Keynote will take place at Jennings Lecture Hall (001) on Friday May 4 at 5PM.


Daniel Farrel


April 16th 2012

Daniel M. Farrel, Emeritus Professor from the Philosophy Department, will leading our discussion. entitled "Physician-assisted Suicide: Some Pros and Cons." We'll be meeting at 6:00PM at Campbell 309.


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