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About Us
The Bioethics Society Executive Board and Advisors

2011 - 2012

Dr. Mariko Nakano
Dr. Narasimham Parinandi

Pranav Reddy


Pranav Reddy is a senior studying Political Science, Microbiology, and Public Health. He is a cofounder of the bioethics society and holds special interests in public health ethics, medical ethics, and environmental ethics.


Co - Vice President

Vitaliy Rotenberg is a senior studying Biology and Integrative Approaches to Health and Wellness. He is especially interested in medical ethics, and the ethics governing new technological and scientific innovation. Through his involvement he hopes to encourage discussion, and awareness, of these important issues amongst the student body.

Raj Chimanji

Co - Vice President

Raj Chimanji is a 4th year Biology major interested in pursuing a career in medicine and economics. He is interested in bioethics because he believes that, while it is an inherent aspect of healthcare and the sciences, is not granted enough attention. Through his involvement in The Bioethics Society, he wants discuss ethical situations with the Ohio State community.

Call McGee


Cally McGee is a junior studying Anthropology, and planning on pursuing a career in medicine. She believes that with that it is crucial for laws and regulations to be able to keep pace with scientific advancements. To this end, Cally hopes to use the Bioethics Society to engage in discourse and generate ideas about handling ethical issues that arise from such advances.


Director of Communication

Scotty Ijaz is a senior studying Philosophy. In his view, the humanities don't always move as fast as scientific progress, and can be reluctant to accept biological explanations for cultural phenomenon. On the other hand, some scientists fail to realize that science too has its limits, and can not adequately answer every question posed by the humanities. The bioethicist, one who has experience on both sides of the looking glass, can comprehend the way the two compliment each other.


Dheeraj Duggineni

Director of Outreach

Dheeraj Duggineni is a junior studying Microbiology.


Past Members:

2010 - 2011 Executive Board
2009 - 2010 Executive Board


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